Monday, March 9, 2009

Thoughts for the Day

I have been thinking about some of the quotes I heard in yesterday's relief society lesson. It was Lesson 29 Living with Others in Peace and Harmony. There are 2 quotes by Joseph Smith that really stood out to me:

"We (hope that) our brethren will be careful of one another's feelings, and walk in love, honoring one another more than themselves, as is required by the Lord."

"I have the most liberal sentiments, and feelings of charity towards all sects, parties, and denominations; and the rights and liberties of conscience, I hold most sacred and dear and despise no man for differing with me in matters of opinion."

I can't help wonder what our world, church meetings would be like if these 2 ideas were taught & lived. Our bishop taught the lesson and he brought up the point of the time in the Nephite history where there was that little time when there was peace on the land and he stressed that was there because everyone got along and there was no judging or putting oneself above another. I think I am going to have to get quote 1 printed up as a plaque for my home. I especially love the part "as is required by the Lord" to be careful of one another's feelings. I think we as members sometimes have trouble with this part. Just something I have had on my mind and wonder what you think of this.

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  1. Well, it sounds like "I'll walk with you" would be perfect for the practice song, but I am getting nervous thinking about it.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the quotes.